Lady Murasaki EP

by Lady Murasaki

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This is Lady Murasaki's first ever EP!!
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released February 3, 2012

(C) 2012 All Rights Reserved. Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at Kitefishing Studio, Salt Lake City, UT by Camden Ray Chamberlain.
Additional mixing by Lady Murasaki.
Produced by Camden Ray Chamberlain & Lady Murasaki.
All songs written by Amber Taniuchi.
Hope Is Still Around the Corner was collaboratively written with Regan Kelley.
Artwork by Camille Nugent.
On this EP: Amber Taniuchi (Vocals, Guitar), Joshua Ogzewalla (Guitar), Stephen McSweeney (Guitar), Gary Clark (Bass), Benjamin Hatch (Drums).



all rights reserved


Lady Murasaki Salt Lake City, Utah

Since July 2011, Lady Murasaki has been spreading its unique sound spanning from jazz, pop, blues to lounge in SLC's favorite music venues (Urban Lounge, Garage on Beck, The Woodshed, Bar Deluxe, Red Door and more). Opened for touring headliners such as Mansions on the Moon and 8MM, featured on KUTV Channel 2 News, Park City TV, Now Salt Lake, City Weekly, local radio and Podcasts. ... more

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Track Name: Winter Solstice
Winter solstice
The darkness spreads like a plague after 5 PM
You step out in the cold and see the crystals in your breath
And you feel bit lonely

Well I tell you
I’m a girl born under the blazing heat of the Pacific sun
But I can’t help myself I seem to have fallen in
Love with this darkness

There was a time I dreamed of diamond rings
And happy endings
But the city swallows your dreams and
Takes you from the high to the lowest of lows

Love planted in the summer died
Under the walls of snow
But it taught me how to walk alone
The city lights were warm enough and I’m a big girl

So you see
I’m in love this darkness in the winter
It’s time to get warm with whisky and scotch
and forget .......... about love
Track Name: Hope Is Still Around the Corner
I have felt lonely once or twice
In my room at night
My thoughts keep tumbling far and wide
In my room at night

Looking far and deep into time
Tears have rained hard and flooded my world

I need air to breathe
Come and rescue me
I need love to live
To be free

In nights still dark I dreamt alone
Enchanted stormy skies
For fearless flights I had not been
Discouraged from the heights

So in my mind confusion lay
Why I’d been lead so far

When the moonbeams
Took me by my hand
And lead me to your hear

Sometimes my thoughts
Take me places that I don’t want to go
Stepping over the mountain of pain
That’s when I see
That I need you to live

I need air to breathe
Come and rescue me
I need love to live
To be free
Track Name: Naked Truth
when you lay there
like you used to
I remember what it felt like
for things to be just right
like the rain fall on the beat

when you touch me
like you used to
I turn into someone new
doing things I never did before
like there is no tomorrow

soon the sun will rise again
to burn the lies that was the night
I close my eyes beneath the sheets
only to know the end is near again

why did we come here again?
there’s nothing left for you to break
I rise to see the naked truth
only to cry
only to sigh
only to die on the road

sinking deep into my gravity
pounding love in a thunder storm
I know I’ll pay for this
But there is no tomorrow

soon the sun will rise again
to burn the eyes that saw the light
I close my eyes beneath your skin
only to know the end is here again

why did I come here again?
blood runneth over in my heart
I rise to see the battered wounds
only to pray
only to plead
only for grace on the road
Track Name: Love Kidnapper
I open my eyes the sun is shining
I wonder who the fuck is laughing
my head and the tennis balls are pounding
I gotta get up and make a living

Last night was just another disaster
A blurry connection of lights moving faster
If only I had been a love-kidnapper
I would have been in your bed as your master

Give me a sign, give me a sign
Don’t be so cruel
Give me something to hold on to
Give me a kiss, love me in bliss
Don’t be so rude
Leave me hanging hanging by a thread

Another moon another dive bar
Crawling along the walls of a boudoir
Fingers fighting electric warfare
Sanity searching for a lodestar

A feral monster of golden evil
Sucking my soul with a vinyl fiddle
A nettle that kissed my lips so gentle
How could I have seen that you were so cruel